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Pan Lianglu

My name is Pan Lianglu from Hangzhou, China. I studyed mechanical engineering and automation at Wuhan University of Technology in China, and joined a double degree program as an energy technology student at Vaasa University of Applied Sciences. Currently, I am now a postgraduate student in the University of Melbourne, studying distributed computing.

I did some research paper when I was in China. The one "Reconstruction of Shredded Paper Documents by Feature Matching" is published on the journal Mathematical Problems in Engineering in 2014. It was based on the topic of mathematical modeling competition in 2013.

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Pan Lianglu
Date of Birth
25 Sep. 1993
115 / 6 Leicester street,
Carlton 3053,
VIC, Australia
+61 416 958 300
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Education Background

the University of Melbourne - Information Technology (Distributed Computing), 2017.2 - Now

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Vaasa University of Applied Sciences - International Energy Technology and Management, 2014.9 - 2016.3

Graduated as a joint degree student in 2016.

Wuhan University of Technology - Mechanical Engineering, 2011.9 - 2015.6

Started from 2011. Joined a joint degree program to Vaasa in 2014.

Hangzhou Xuejun High School, 2008.9 - 2011.6

Hangzhou Xuejun High School is one of the best senior high schools in Zhejiang province.


Honorable Mention in MCM 2014

As a team leader, I led my team and we created a mathematical model to optimize the numbers of lanes on the highway in order to meet highest efficiency and safety.

First Prize in Mechanical Creative Design of National College Students, 2014

Our product, Honeycomb Classroom, which is a mechanical simulation and a beautiful fantasy of a future classroom. With the architecture of the honeycomb, our demo model can switch between three different teaching models.

Second Prize of Information Security Competition Hosted by 360

I solved several problems in different fields including encryption, code auditing, reverse engineering, web cracking and traffic analysing. Besides, I successfully penetrated 2 of 4 servers in the competition. The servers were configured by staffs in 360, which is a leading company of information security in China.

First Prize in Mechanical Creative Design of National College Students (Fischertechnik), 2014

My team created an attractive demo model to show how Goldberg Machines working. It was modular designed so that it's easy to replace some of the parts and become another interesting model.

Third Prize of Hubei Province in CUMCM 2013

As a team leader, I led my team and we created a mathematical model to reconstruct shredded paper. The result, Reconstruction of Shredded Paper Documents by Feature Matching, was published on Mathematical Problems in Engineering, which is recorded by SCI.

Working Experiences

Web Developer - EasySolutions, 2015.9 - 2017.1

EasySolutions is a company that provide solutions to Finnish SMEs for marketing their products in an easier way. I was a part of the team who made a B2B ordering system and a CRM system.

Product Commissioning Engineer - OstroSafe, 2015.8 - 2017.1

OstroSafe is a Finnish company committed to provide SMEs and individuals with professional surveillance solutions. My main job includes designing surveillance solutions, testing devices, and sometimes fixing fault cameras.

Mechanical Designer - Wuhan Iron & Steel Heavy Industry Group Corp., 2014.3 - 2014.7

Arranged by my university as part of my undergraduate course, I worked in Wuhan Iron & Steel Heavy Industry Group Corp. for five months. My major task was to design the components and create their 3D models (CAD / CAE). I went to the workshop and participate in production when necessary.

Operation & Maintenance Engineer - Trebuchet, 2013.8 - 2016.5

Trebuchet (this project is terminated) is an open-sourced and web-based strategy game based on 2Moons system. We made a lot of changes and added several features to the original 2Moons engine. Our whole team works as part-time and totally for free. We learnt a lot during corporation. My tasks include maintaining the core codes of the system, design and develop special events and effects on festivals and handle emergency situations.

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115/6 Leicester street, Carlton 3053,
VIC, Australia


+61 416 958 300



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